Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chinese J 16 fighter lastest photos

China Defense blog  J 16 fighter pictures taken just now,  J 16 fighter was equipped Taihang engines.
J-16 fighter is a multi-purpose fighter developed by China's Shenyang Aircraft Corporation,  and which maybe named J 16, its super-modified J-11 and high a level than Su-30 fighter, first flight in Shenyang October 17, 2011. 
J 16 fighter pictures

Chinese J 16 stealth fighter  

J -16 fighter was equipped with automatic electronic scanning phased array radar (AESA), and has the ability to fight multiple targets, which can identify the target information. It is said that the project is an important step that China's independent innovation and design, development and manufacturing of advanced aircraft, and exceed Russian Su -47 in technique, and even eventually catch up with the United States.


Shenyang J-16 Silent Flanker Chinese Intermediate Stealth Fighter

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