Saturday, January 7, 2012

China Export Tank MBT2000 Upgrade

China Defense blogChina MBT2000 tank has been generally welcomed with good performance in the international market. China North Industries Group chief engineer, chief expert Feng Yibo said, MBT2000 have been exported to South and Southeast Asian countries, South American countries also have to purchase intention. Welcome in view of the international market, China North Industries Group Corporation First Machinery Group Co., Ltd. MBT2000, based on research out of a more advanced export-oriented tank.

The export main battle tank in maneuver test  
MBT2000 upgrade tank uses the latest scientific and technological achievements in the field of Chinese tanks and armored vehicles, more advanced in performance, more powerful in appearance, more excellent in the ability of maintenance and controls. As the tank test driving around in mid-November 5700 total km, more than one assessment test subjects, during which major failure never happened.

Side view of MBT2000 Upgrade is very powerful

MBT2000 upgrade installed air-condition in the grille  

The front armor of the turret uses a wedge-shaped design, which effectively increases the protection space

Automatic transmission lever

The telescope for tank gunner

To observe the driver seat from the gunner seat

To observe the driver seat from the gunner seat

Many of basic controls can be achieved on the steering wheel

Large integrated information LCD for gunner


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