Friday, January 20, 2012

China will complete a variety of strategic and tactical missile flight tests

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation exposed that in aerospace tasks 21 rockets and 30 satellites were arrange in the 2012 plan.

Shenzhou 9 will implement space rendezvous and docking missions, 6 satellites of Beidou II will be launched, construction of area navigation systems will be completed.

China's Second Artillery Force strategic DF-31A missile launching

In missiles weapons, more types of weapon flight tests will be taken.

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation said that will go all out to ensure that aerospace research and production test task is satisfactorily completed: first, to ensure that Shenzhou space rendezvous and docking space for the launch on behalf of the 21 successful missions to ensure that strategic and tactical missile flight experiments a success.

Second, a comprehensive national science and technology to carry out major projects and key technologies developed to ensure that all types of satellite, the mission to develop a new generation of carrier rockets successfully completed projects.

The third is to actively promote Nigeria 2, 3 telecommunications satellite and other export items and Bolivia signed communications satellites, communication satellites and other project implementation in Belarus.

Fourth, innovation, research and production organization and management, depth aerospace research and production management maturity assessment and continuous improvement, and comprehensively promote the key products shaping aerospace, construction certification and production line integrated security system weapon models


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