Saturday, January 21, 2012

JL-2 missile range of 14,000 km

Russian media said on Chinese New Year, "JL-2" submarine-launched ballistic missile launches concrete results, there has been no clear reports. Even the missile launches and no others to know the specific date. This in itself is very strange, after all, submarine-launched ballistic missiles are not Zhentouxiannao, its launch and had been under close surveillance and tracking. However, China's official media did not explain this, but remained silent. Russia and the U.S. military also said nothing. Of course, Russia is usually only concerned with U.S. missile launches, will not give lessons in other countries missile launch. The U.S. military often happy to publish similar information. In the official channels, only representative of the military publicly declared China Taiwan, People's Liberation Army fired several (6) "JL-2," submarine-launched missiles, which continue to test its performance.

Russian media said a Chinese English media that seems to have a Chinese fishermen fishing in the sea missile parts to the wreckage of a similar, perhaps, "JL-2" left behind. For the performance of China's new submarine-launched ballistic missile, the disclosure of data of different sources vary, the difference is very large. Even ridiculous news that China's "JL-2" missile weight 23 tons, can carry 25-ton nuclear warhead, the maximum range of 14,000 km. In contrast, Russia and the United States produce more than doubled the weight of similar missiles, nuclear warheads, but slightly lower power, but also slightly shorter range. The latest M51 submarine-launched ballistic missiles of France only 6000-8000 km range, weight 51 tons, can carry six 15-ton nuclear warhead.

Russian media said, in fact, solid-fuel ICBMs in China is far behind the United States and Russia, and even France. For the "JL-2," the actual performance, perhaps the most objective assessment of reality is: this is a two-fuel missile, weighing more than 40 tons, a range of about 6,000 km, can carry a 25-ton nuclear warhead, or 3 4-6 tons of nuclear warheads.

Russian media said, "JL-2" submarine-launched ballistic missile is a long construction period, China's nuclear program guide, develop and test a number of problems encountered in the process. In contrast, Russia's "Bulava" submarine-launched ballistic missile test-firing incident is simply Pediatrics. "JL-2" missiles began back in 1999 for the first time test, then broke a year or two, and again after separate batch tests. Obviously, this missile test is not very smooth, there have been many incidents reported. Sometimes the missile failed to launch for several years, China was forced to make major improvements to its structure. China has built two here can carry 12 "JL-2," submarine-launched missiles, "Gem" class missile submarines, ships the same level continues to build 5-6 nuclear submarines. Now, the "Gem" class missile submarine has been prepared in case of no service for several years, if this "JL-2" missile test-fired more smoothly, and the results are satisfactory, then it will soon be a formal service . In this case, China will be fighting for ocean patrol, a nuclear counterattack to underwater nuclear missile system. In fact, China is not yet have such a strong lead underwater nuclear counterattack capability.


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