Monday, January 16, 2012

Shenyang F 60, another China's fifth generation stealth fighter exposed

China's SAC F 60, the following China's fifth generation fighter spread on networks in China recently after J 20 fighter. Overall F 60 stealth fighter is similar to U.S. F 22 Raptor.

The suspected photo of China's SAC F 60 fighter test flight

AVIC Shenyang sign on the body of F 60

Overall, F 60 is similar to U.S. F-22 Raptor fighter

China's Shenyang F-60 is looking very similar to F-35 and F15

SAC is the shortened form of Shenyang Aircraft Industry Group. China Shenyang Aircraft Industry Group is approved by SETC (The State Economic and Trade Commission of the People's Republic of China ), which is one the main base of aircraft design and manufacturing of China Aviation Industry.


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On September 18,2015 a airplane flew several hours at mach 5 speed and landed.I think it is China 6th generation fighter using two Wang Zhengou turbo-scram jet engine(see Popular Science article about him and turbo-scram jet engine) and Shou-En Zhu low cost grapheme air frame like the C919

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