Monday, January 16, 2012

U.S. Air Force intelligence agencie said that China has stealth bomber

China's future bomber

China's future bomber

6, South Korean media said, in addition to outside the United States, China, Russia, Japan, are scrambling to develop stealth stealth weapons and weapons technology against the Korean peninsula in the United States and Russia surrounded by a new stealth weapon into the "invisible war era."

To said that China has stealth bomber

Reported last month in China before the Korea-US joint military exercise in China's maritime exercise, there has been the latest of 022 high-speed stealth missile boats, the boat quickly to avoid radar and infrared detection, 36 knots . The boat can carry eight anti-ship missiles, missile range of the longest being 200 km. China currently has more than 80 ships this high speed craft.

In addition, China's stealth fighter is also striking. U.S. Air Force intelligence agencies - the National Aeronautics and Space Intelligence Center Director Wayne Ulman in May this year, a Congressional hearing in the United States claimed that: "China is currently developing a new generation of stealth fighter J-XX, is expected to be actual 2018 deployment. "In addition, he said, China has secretly has a stealth bomber.

American Institute of Chi Courand also by assuming "China attack Taiwan by 2020," Simulation of the war between China and analyzed. The institute predicted that the U.S. stealth fighters to be China's CETCY-27 radar. Claimed that the use of VHF radar waves through the TV to detect stealth aircraft. Test in a simulated war, the Institute concluded: The United States is likely to fail, unable to attack the Chinese military bases in Okinawa and U.S. military bases and aircraft carriers will be destroyed.

China's future bomber

End of U.S. era of stealth technology monopoly

Russia, the country's Soviet T-50 Stealth fighter, last month successfully completed its second test flight. Soviet T-50 is to counter the U.S. F-22 "Raptor" fighter aircraft developed by 2015 Russia plans to deploy combat against Soviet T-50 improved next-generation stealth fighter.

Russia has the world's highest performing stealth nuclear submarine. Russia in 2007, developed the latest "Borei" class strategic nuclear submarines. This submarine stealth features and acoustic detectors are considered to avoid exceeding the current capacity of all the submarines.

Reported that China's submarine technology Although they are not Russian, but is growing rapidly. In 2006, a "Song" class submarine secretly track the U.S. "Kitty Hawk", is only available from torpedo attacks of 9 km, so the United States panicked.

Japan's Maritime Self-Defense Force vessels have already have stealth capabilities of the "Falcon"-class high-speed boats, but the boat's performance compare China's 022-type high speed craft. In addition, Japan is also promoting the purchase of U.S. F-35 stealth fighter, while Mitsubishi Heavy Industries by developing its own stealth fighter - ATD-X.

Article that the U.S. monopoly of the end of an era of stealth technology. States vie for the development of stealth weapons and weapons technology against the stealth reasons, the article referred to a "test":

The United States conducted in Alaska in 2006 F-22 stealth fighters and F-15, F-16, F-18 fighter force general war between the simulation exercise, the results 108 ordinary fighter was shot down, while an F-22 stealth fighter have not been shot down.

Data Figure: China attaches great importance to the bombing of the U.S. stealth capabilities, air defense forces command post wall


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