Thursday, January 5, 2012

Chinese Type 093 Class Nuclear Attack Submarine

A rare look at the Type 093 Shang Class Nuclear Powered Attack Submarine of the Chinese People's Liberation Army Navy

Type 093 Nuclear Attack Submarine - China

Type-093 nuclear submarine


The Type 093 is expected to be armed with six 533 mm and/or 650 mm torpedo tubes that will launch Russian or indigenous wire, acoustic, and wake-homing torpedoes as well as anti-ship and land attack cruise missiles. This could include the submarine launched version of the YJ-83 anti-ship missile. Currently the YJ-83 is not believed to be nuclear tipped. Nuclear deterrence missions.

Length: 110m
Beam: 11m
Draft: 10m
Propulsion: Nuclear reactor
Speed: 35 Kts
Range: Unlimited
Complement: ~100
Armament: 6 torpedo tubes
Cruise missiles
Anti-ship missiles


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