Monday, January 9, 2012

China's HQ-9 Missile System may be difficult to effectively intercept anti-ship missiles

According to the Russian Military-Industrial Complex on January 6 reported that the China's air defense forces now has begun to equip domestic ​​HQ-9 long-range air defense missile system.

Chinese HQ-9 Air defense missile system

HQ-9 is the first modern high-performance long-range air defense missile system developed by China's defense industry. its range is 100 km, about 10 km longer than basic model of Russian-made S-300P, but below the improved version of the S-300PM. However, there is news that the HQ-9 has a maximum range of up to 200 km. Although the system is in a range of aspects of the indicators are more excellent, but the minimum shoot 500 meters high, which led to its carrier-based version of the intercept sea-skimming anti-ship missile capability is weak. Chinese media published photos from the point of view, HQ-9 in the operational command of the operator are placed in the cabin of the U.S. A-10, F-15 and F-22 and other fighters of the picture - which is the HQ-9 may The main targets.

China's HongQi 9 (HQ-9) Surface-to-Air Missile System

HQ-9 missile launcher consists of four storage containers are composed of anti-aircraft missile launch, the shape of the device is equipped with the S-300P's 5P85 launch system is very similar. In radar systems, HQ-9 is equipped with NT-233 phased array radar is used in a similar S-300PMU wheeled chassis. Perhaps, the radar can also be launched to protect against multiple targets simultaneously.

The HQ-9 and S-300PMU many similarities, which may be the use of Chinese in the latter the result of reverse engineering process. China had been a lack of development of modern high-performance long-range air defense missile system experience, HQ-9 is likely to be S-300PMU imitation, or at least use the latter design.

In addition, HQ-9 system uses NT-233 radar system with the U.S. "Patriot" system AN/MPQ-53 radar there are also many similarities. If China is really the integration of this new Russian-US air defense systems and advanced technological achievements, it would be a powerful defensive weapon.

In addition to a variety of aircraft, interceptors, HQ-9 can also block a range of 7-15 km 7-25 km range cruise missiles and ballistic missiles. According to Chinese introduction, HQ-9 can simultaneously track 48 targets.

Some foreign experts believe that China's HQ-9 has been in some of the parameters with the export-oriented S-300 to compete. Among them, the low price of the HQ-9 is a big advantage. In addition, the Chinese workers also claimed that, after improved, HQ-9 will be able to surpass the performance of Russian-made S-300. Of course, this statement is the Chinese people is questionable. However, China actively promote to the international market, HQ-9's move shows that the designer of the system has been successful customer service some of the original defect.


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