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Experts Deduced That US-Iran War Will Lead To World War

Philip Ghirardi, a former senior U.S. intelligence official author January 12 wrote an article to deduce that how US-Iran war will evolve once it breaks out. According to the article, the war between the both is likely caused by a small conflict, then Iran will close the Strait of Hormuz, and thus lead to fire with the U.S. military. According to the simulation, Iran will use the Russian air defense system to shoot down Israeli planes struck, the use of Chinese-made cruise missiles destroyed the main U.S. aircraft carriers and warships, and many cities in the West panic attacks. In this scenario, the United States would threaten to stop attacks on Iran and if you do not surrender, will use nuclear weapons against Iran.

Iran launchs anti-ship missile in Strait of Hormuz exercises
In Iran, though President Obama has promised to open the door for dialogue to Iran, but he did eat their words. He rejected Iran's dialogue initiative, and Iran do not even want any level of negotiations. Recently, the U.S. banking system of Iran, the sanctions can be interpreted as an act of war, especially in Iran without any declaration of war action in the case. Future for the United States may impose sanctions in Iran's energy import areas, and this move will make the Iranian economy has been hit hard. There are already signs that public pressure forced the Iranian government needs to take measures to deal with this situation. The measures may not be necessarily a good result against the U.S. Navy. In this case, it is necessary to deduce what may be the beauty of the outbreak of the war end.
The war in Iraq is likely to be caused by the skirmish, which may appear small, armed Iranian Revolutionary Guard ships traces. Although people usually put the Strait of Hormuz as an international waterway, but Iran claims that nearly half of the Strait is located within its territorial waters. In response to the growing intensification of sanctions, Tehran announced that its right to decide who can use the Strait, saying Iran will take measures to prohibit the U.S. warships entering the Strait of Hormuz. United States, "British Graham" in the Iranian missile frigate on patrol near the southern port city of Bushehr, Iran's Revolutionary Guards suffered a small vessel, suspended after being asked refused. Iranian commanders ignored superiors back on when the U.S. Navy command experience, the "British Graham" frigate fired rocket-propelled grenades. U.S. frigate Phalanx (Phalanx) fired immediately respond to short-range weapons systems, destroying the Iranian Revolutionary Guard ships. During the Iran killed all the crew, the U.S. 2 killed, 4 wounded.
After the incident, "John C · Stennis' aircraft carrier-based aircraft took off immediately, destroying the Iranian ships were destroyed home port. President Obama held a news conference, the Iranian move as an act of war, and vowed to make every effort to support U.S. military operations in the Middle East, but did not say all-out war against Iraq. Hastily convened meeting of the UN Security Council during the meeting on whether to exercise restraint in Iraq carried out poll, the results of 17 votes, only Washington voted against it. The United Nations General Assembly, only the United States, Israel, Micronesia and Costa Rica to support military action against Iraq.
Within the United States launched military action against Iraq sentiment rising, Israel took the opportunity to attack Iran's nuclear facilities. Attack resulted in the destruction of Iran's nuclear reactor Bushell, on-site technical personnel were killed 13 Russian. In addition, Iran's Natanz nuclear research facility on the ground buildings have been razed to the ground. During Russia's air defense systems to Iran six Israeli planes shot down. For the Israeli attacks, Washington has not received prior notice, but before the attack learned some cases it does, and know there is going to happen next. It does not attempt to stop the Israeli aircraft entered Iranian airspace.
U.S. Congress and media support for Israel, demanding that the U.S. war against Iraq. U.S. House of Representatives a bill called the White House to take military action in support of Israel. In addition, a similar Senate bill only two votes against. Although Obama has been hesitant, but still approved the start of local attack against Iran, directed against the Iranian army, nuclear facilities, and major facilities for the Iranian Revolutionary Guards to attack. In the first few days, U.S. air and sea military destroyed the overwhelming major Iranian Air Force, Navy and Army bases. Iran's Revolutionary Guard facilities, and nuclear R & D institutions have been completely destroyed. Local attack soon change, the U.S. military use of strategic bombers, put in weighs 3 million pounds of "Big BLU" huge penetrating bombs to attack Iran, underground laboratories and processing center. The use of smart weapons destroy communications centers and command and control facilities, but avoid population centers. Nevertheless, the war is still causing a lot of Iranian civilian casualties, because many of the goals of nuclear facilities are located near the town or town house. Iran's infrastructure will be attacked, especially near major nuclear research centers and military sites bridges, roads and power stations.
The face of U.S. military attack, Iran struck back. In nearly a decade of preparation, Tehran has successfully hidden and strengthen many of its military and nuclear facilities, most of which were not the war spread. Action in the Gulf of Oman, the United States Navy, "Stennis' aircraft will unfortunately be a Chinese-made" Silkworm "missiles hit - the low-altitude missiles, successfully broke through the carrier's air defense network. , The "Stanislav" was to retreat into port in Bahrain. Small vessels in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a "swarm" attack, the other three U.S. Navy supply ship was also hit and severely damaged - This attack Iran and Japan during World War II kamikaze team is not without similarities at. Iranian ships were wiped out attacking, but the Pentagon declined to say how much the United States to pay the price.
After the war started, the Lebanese capital, Beirut, pro-Iraqi riots. In southern Lebanon, Hezbollah fired large rockets into Israel, against Tel Aviv, causing hundreds of Israelis. Israel responded by shelling the Lebanese and Syrian support for attacks. Iran is also using the upgraded Shahab-3 missile attacks on Israel, causing more civilian casualties. Full mobilization of the Israeli Defense Forces, to send troops to the northern border. Syria and Lebanon also mobilize its own forces. Baghdad, insurgents attacked the U.S. Embassy, ​​U.S. Embassy requires the Iraqi government to take measures for their protection, but the Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki has said the situation is out of control, not respond. The Iraqi people held mass demonstrations calling for the state and Iran together to jointly counter the United States.
Shiite Iran echoed damage oil fields in eastern Saudi Arabia. Saudi security forces killed hundreds of insurgents. From the Kuwaiti oil tankers was "Silkworm" missile attacks, was forced to stop in the shallow waters to avoid sinking. He touched the tanker is still a mine. Lloyd's of London insurance company refused to insure any oil tankers through the Persian Gulf, said the losses occurred during the war not in the insurance. Completely disrupted the Middle East oil transportation - transportation accounts for the total world oil prices per barrel of 1/4-- soared to $ 300. Therefore, Wall Street suffered the biggest loss in 20 years, the Dow Jones index tumbled 900 points.
U.S. demands Iran truce, but was rejected Tehran. Two days later, Afghan President Hamid Karzai is to take orders from Tehran's bodyguard assassinated. Pakistan declared neutrality in the conflict, command a 50% reduction of the U.S. Embassy personnel, including CIA station chief in Pakistan and his deputy. Abba the two countries into chaos, Pakistani army declared a state of emergency, closed the border with Afghanistan. NATO demanded an emergency meeting, decided to withdraw from Afghanistan in the fall into the Air Force and multinational forces, leaving a lot of weapons and heavy equipment.
After the withdrawal of NATO troops, the Taliban militia to support the occupation of Kabul and Kandahar. To Afghanistan to Mazar (mostly Shiite) announced that they are part of Iran. The dissolution of the government in Beirut, Hezbollah, to form a new government. Iran to launch a large number of "Silkworm" missiles, destroy oil fields in eastern Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia and the UAE issued an urgent diplomatic messages to Tehran, announced in the war "neutral" position, not in any way help the United States. Kuwait will also send this information, and volunteers in Egypt at the Sinai border with Iran, collection, requires Cairo to take measures in support of their Arab brothers in Lebanon. Kuwait refused to allow U.S. to use its troops in the barracks and supplies Doha against Iran. In Bahrain, a lot of people dismiss the Shiite Al-Khalifa, King of the establishment of new Islamic Republic, forcing the U.S. Fifth Fleet to give up its only secure base in the area. Further reduce the 1000-point Dow Jones said.
U.S. effort to get China and Russia to mediate with Iran to end the fighting, but the United States and Russia refused to help, claiming that the prior has expressed opposition, but pointed out that there are many compatriots killed in attacking the United States. London, Washington, New York and Los Angeles have been suicide bombings. Although these attacks caused only a small amount of ill-planned and casualties, but panic so that the public demands of their respective governments to take appropriate measures. U.S. to tell the Iranian government, if we do not stop resistance, they use nuclear weapons attack goals. India and Pakistan are scared of this threat the United States require their nuclear forces on high alert, Israel has chosen to do so. Russia and China have also increased their level of combat readiness, to respond to this crisis.
Iran still refused to surrender, near the Iranian people have been gathering in the government. The American public called on the government to take measures. With the continued Straits of Hormuz off, oil prices continue to surge into question the stability of oil supply. Another patrol in the Persian Gulf a U.S. ship attacked by suicide bombers severely damaged. Located in all U.S. embassies in the region are under attack. Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia's capital) and Dhaka (Bangladesh capital) occurs anti-American riots. The city of Karachi in Pakistan U.S. Consulate General has been looted and burned. U.S. Marines opened fire, killing 40 Americans and a large number of Pakistanis were killed.
Although no new terrorist attacks, but the red security alert in the United States under the urban population has heart scare. U.S. domestic air travel decreased by 50% or more. Washington to take preventive measures to arrest a large number of American Muslim leaders. Military Commissions Act and in accordance with 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, some of the anti-war activists, including being locked up at Guantanamo, including the military prison. Israel's bombardment of Lebanon continues to suffer from. To prevent such attacks, Israel has chosen to air strikes in Lebanon, but with little success. After the collapse of the Israeli Government by former Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, led by extreme right-wing regime o stage. Riots shake the West Bank and Gaza, forcing the resignation of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to resign and flee to Paris. Hamas to form an interim government. India threatened Pakistan's nuclear arsenal if any security problems, it will attack Islamabad, New Delhi.
U.S. to use a neutron-type bomb attack at Natanz Iran's main nuclear research center, adding that if Iran continues to resist is to launch a bomb. Iran continues to resist, to the U.S. ship to launch the "Silkworm" missile and hit a naval vessel. Russian and Chinese nuclear forces into the highest state of alert. Pakistani military and intelligence agencies in the army with the help of militants to obtain control of the government. India's first attack at Wah and Multan in Pakistan's main nuclear center - it is believed Pakistan's arsenal is concentrated there. However, Pakistan has had to use the truck, removed a number of nuclear weapons to counter the use of these bombs in New Delhi.
In this way, the U.S. and Iranian forces in the Persian Gulf led to a small-scale fighting World War III.


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