Friday, January 27, 2012

PLA's Xianglong UAV test

The greatest feature of Xianglong UAV is that it has taken the rare even wing, which in the history of Chinese aircraft design is a bold breakthrough. The machine has a front wing, rear wing two pairs of wings, and front and rear wings connected to form a diamond-shaped frame. Before the wing root and connected to the forward fuselage, swept back and with winglets; after the top wing root connected with the vertical tail, forward and taken off anti-grazing angle; front wing after the wing tip 70% at the previous exhibition wing together was 90 °. Compared with conventional airplanes, and even-wing aircraft with a strong structure, strong anti-crash, anti-flutter were good, wind resistance is small, range far and so on.
Xianglong UAV pictures

Chinese Xianglong UAV 

China's Xianglong UAV 

Xianglong UAV test pictures

China's large unmanned reconnaissance aircraft HQ-4 Xianglong may be to start large-scale flight tests, it's very clearly important for Chinese Air Force. After all, it is similar to the U.S. RQ-4 "Global Hawk" unmanned high-altitude strategic reconnaissance, real-time monitoring across the region, the future may also be known as the "aircraft carrier killer" made ​​anti-ship ballistic missile to provide objective guidance.


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