Monday, January 9, 2012

Chinese Navy's 022 Stealth Missile Boats Look Like Wolves

China's 022 stealth missile boats would be the world's first wave-piercing body using stealth missile boats, equipped with high-speed, quiet, invisible three weapon in certain circumstances have the strength to hold back the U.S. aircraft carrier . 022 stealth missile boats outstanding stealth properties, more than any one of conventional Chinese navy missile boats to be quiet, and has a double hull shape, can walk through the high waves, the wave resistance is superior to monohull.
A 022 stealth missile boat can carry eight new medium-range anti-ship missiles YJ83 a maximum range of 150 km, with the fan fired after launching BVR attack and multi-target attack capability. Compared to Japan's "Falcon"-class missile boats carry four 90 anti-ship missile, the 022-type fire more powerful, able to fill more than the opponent's anti-missile missiles fire channel, to achieve saturation attack, the missile hit rate increase .


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