Thursday, January 12, 2012

U.S. Fleet, a great hero to safeguard China's maritime lifeline?

Japanese columnist Kato Yoshikazu 11 in British Financial Times raised the question: "For decades, who is the great hero that has safeguarded China's maritime lifeline safety and escorted for Reform and opening up?" But his answer China allows a lot of people accidentally. Yoshikazu Kato said that the hero is the "core of the U.S. Navy Seventh Fleet."

U.S. Seventh Fleet

 Kato Yoshikazu article said that although many young Chinese people has become the object of hate, but it is all over the world Zhezhi Navy quietly patrol the ocean and the Channel, against all threats to cut off the route for the armed men to ensure that the resources into China goods out of China's security. If the U.S. fleet was suddenly eliminated or withdraw the country, China will be unable to pirates, terrorists, or Saddam Hussein in front of the new route to defend their security and economic security.
The Chinese navy military researcher Li Jie different views. He said that, in fact, even without the U.S. Navy forces in Northeast Asia, Japan and South Korea by sea and air forces and the Coast Guard, defending the safety of sea lanes, combating piracy and maritime terrorism is no problem. In Southeast Asia, if countries can reach an agreement by countries to protect the security cooperation is not a problem.
 Rear Admiral Yang Yi, the Chinese expressed concern that the United States often claim to be "public safety products" and "provider", but in fact often is "troublemaker." Contrast the U.S. high-profile announcement to "return" before and after the East Asian atmosphere can be seen. Bloomberg columnist William • Pi Xike 11, advised the United States said in the past to fight the Cold War with the Soviet Union, and now any connection with the competition in Beijing's soft power. If the United States to "return" to Asia, you must put the past arrogance at the door throw away, really engage in cooperation.


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